Only 3 miles from Whitby is the small seaside village of Sandsend. It is not only a fantastic place for enjoying beach life but it is also home to some historic sites such as St. Oswald's Church which has an exhibition of Viking gravestones suggesting a long history of settlement. You can also visit the Sandsend Alum works which act as a reminder of the mineral wealth and history of this part of the coast which attracts those interested in geology.

The most popular reason, of course to visit the village is to enjoy the beach. It is a beautiful expanse of sand and is a fantastic spot for family holidays as well as a good spot for surfing. There are 2 'becks' or streams which flow into the sea. The East Beck crosses the beach and is a favoured location for children to play.

The Sandside Cafe is an ideal place to enjoy a drink, a snack or a meal after a day on the beach and the cafe here offers both a stunning location and quality refreshments.

Between Sandsend and Whitby high up on the cliff, the Whitby golf club provides fantastic views with excellent facilities for the golf lover.

More than just a beach, Sandsend is a great place for a family holiday.

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