There is a place in Yorkshire famous for its cheese. This cheese was a particular favourite of a particularly famous character; Wallace. The cheese is Wensleydale and the place is Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales. Originally getting its name from the old Norse word "hals" meaning "neck" or "pass" when referring to a mountain pass, this is a bustling market town and has been for over 300 years. The town sits at the head of Wensleydale and as such was an important stopover point for travellers passing from the east to the west of England.

The town has a bit of a history of fighting back from obscurity. One such occasion has been the rescue of the last official Wensleydale creamery by a local business man to the extent that it now employs over 190 people from the area. Another such story has been the attempt to save the Wensleydale Railway and make it fully operational for commuters. The history of this can be seen at the Dales Countryside Museum at the railway station.

This show of character is what makes this part of England worth visiting. Consider now the beautiful scenery, miles of peaceful walks and ancient history of the dales and truly discover Hawes.

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