Kettlewell is perched in a prime position in Wharfedale, seemingly riding the rolling land like a green wave. Various tight-knit lanes and limestone buildings mark it out as typical of the area but with its own scenic charm.

Kettlewell has two pubs that will act as inns if you want a bite to eat. There is also a dedicated hotel on offer and all of these are within easy walking distance of the river that runs through the village.

On the river itself, there are various interesting sights and a great little tearoom that will let you soak up the local atmosphere whilst you enjoy a fine brew.

As most people come to the dales to hike or stroll across the landscape, there is even more reason to visit Kettlewell. You can take an excursion into Coverdale, mount some fells or just wander along the river's edge through the serene greenery, listen to the flowing water and the natural activity all around you.

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