It's amazing to think that Wensleydale cheese has been made in Wensleydale since 1150! When the Cistercian monks settled in the dale and established a monastery a few miles from what now is the market town of Hawes they brought with them a special recipe using sheep's milk. This then changed to using cow's milk with a little of the ewes milk mixed in to make its unique crumbly texture.

Sales of Wensleydale were slowing dwindling until its appearance on the much loved Wallace and Gromit animations when the animator Nick Park chose it to be Wallace's favourite cheese! Sales leapt up and the `Wallace and Gromit Wensleydale' collection of cheeses were born!

The Creamery first started producing cheese on a large scale in the 1890's when a local corn and provisions merchant began purchasing milk from around the local farms to produce the tasty cheese on a large scale. Today the Creamery supplies cheese to businesses across the UK and abroad and also welcomes visitors to its visitor centre that adjoins the factory.

It's the perfect place to visit to learn more about how the cheese is made. Stroll through the museum which transports you back in time with authentic equipment laid out in the old farmhouse kitchen, dairy and press room. Then you can move on to the cheese making viewing gallery where you can watch the process as it stands today.

Best of all there's a cheese shop where you can sample a number of cheeses and then purchase your favourite. The gift shop is also a real draw with lots of Wallace and Gromit merchandise, biscuits (to go with your cheese!), fine wines and other unique gifts.